What We Do

Real-World Data

Arcturis collaborates with research and industry experts to create research-ready, regulatory-grade, disease-specific datasets. Our advanced analytical capabilities can then be applied to produce powerful insights to support all phases of clinical development.

Our Real-World Data

High-quality, clinically rich, longitudinal real-world data

Arcturis delivers clinical insights using real-world patient data to support better patient outcomes. High-quality, clinically rich, longitudinal real-world data underpin our research activities. We collaborate closely with our data partners and key opinion leaders to capture a comprehensive view of a patient’s journey.

Real-world data

Our data includes structured tabular data such as admission information, diagnoses, laboratory tests and medications. We can also interpret unstructured free text data such as imaging and pathology reports, digital pathology images and medical images. Analysis of this data can provide insights into how diseases progress to improve clinical research.

Our Platform

Real-World Data Platform

Complex standardisation

Our real-world data platform allows us to combine diverse data from a range of sources and convert this into research-ready data sets. Our proprietary common data model is used to perform complex standardisation of data in order to map data concepts received from different sources. Arcturis also enriches the data it receives for example, by extracting clinical findings from unstructured free text data such as pathology reports, or secondary analysis of medical images.

Quality enriched datasets

Our regulatory-grade datasets are produced and managed through rigorous processes designed to ensure data quality and to meet the standards required by healthcare and medicines regulators. This means we supply current, high-quality, trusted, traceable and transparently produced data for analysis by our analytics teams and deliver clinically robust analyses to our Industry partners.