What We Do

Using our high quality and enriched real-world data platform, Arcturis aims to improve patient outcomes by providing statistical analyses and advanced insights to answer life-changing research questions and fill evidence gaps.

Real-World Data

Arcturis collaborates with research and industry experts to create research-ready, regulatory-grade, disease-specific datasets. Our advanced analytic capabilities are then applied to produce powerful insights to support all phases of clinical development.

Real-World Evidence

Our expert analytical team apply traditional and innovative techniques, covering medical statistics and data science approaches, to bring the data to life and deliver novel insights in patient characterisation, treatment efficacy and clinical outcomes in the real-world.

Machine Learning

ArcTEX is our sophisticated NLP model designed to cater to a diverse array of clinical reports. Our innovative solution empowers real-world evidence studies by seamlessly automating the extraction of biomarkers and other disease-specific data at scale.