Arcturis Patient and Public Advisory Panel Recruitment

Help us ensure our research is undertaken ethically and for the public good

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We are looking to recruit diverse volunteers who have direct experience of hospital treatment for our Patient and Public Advisory Panel. We are wanting the panel to be representative of the UK’s diverse population and means we desire to include adults of all ages and ethnic backgrounds. 

The Panel will be hosted virtually, so anyone with a computer and internet connection can join!

The Panel will be actively involved in Arcturis’ research operations by providing views and opinions on how we conduct our research . Individuals accepted to the Panel will help ensure our research is conducted ethically and for the public good. Panel members will also be compensated for their time.




Who is Arcturis and the Patient and Public Advisory Panel?

Arcturis is a UK healthtech company with a mission to empower the optimal development and launch of new medicines through our use of highly curated, anonymous real world health data across the discovery and development pathway. Through our data partnerships in the UK, Arcturis can provide real world health data insights to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies that can be used to optimise clinical trials, expedite regulatory submissions and support long-term safety and efficacy outcomes.

We understand the responsibility that comes with using human health data in our research.  Involving patients and the public in how Arcturis operates is fundamental to our ethical practice. To do this in a meaningful way, we are forming the Arcturis Patient and Public Advisory Panel.

The Panel’s purpose is to actively involve patients and members of the public in our research operations. We will do this by providing volunteers the opportunity to give their views and opinions on the research Arcturis conducts and how it is conducted.

Who are we looking for? 

We are predominantly looking for people who have at least one lived experience of being a patient in a UK hospital. This experience can be from or due to an emergency, including long and short spells – from a few hours, up to weeks or more in total.

Most critically, we want individuals that are representative of the UK’s diverse population to be involved . We are keen to have adults of all ages and ethnic backgrounds involved on the Panel.

Skills required 

To get the most out of being on the Panel, individuals should have:

  • The ability to read, understand and comment on research presented in plain English, and have the confidence to raise questions.
  • The ability to take an objective stance, looking at a situation from several points of view.
  • Good communication skills and the confidence to voice their opinions.
  • The ability to work online, accessing and reviewing documents shared via email and attending meetings virtually.

What Panel members do?

We need voluntary members who can commit to:

  • Attending quarterly meetings virtually via Microsoft Teams: Meetings are planned to be held every three months and will be between two and three hours in duration. Meetings will require some preparation, for example reading research summaries or operational proposals.
  • Reviewing and commenting on documents via email: From time to time, members of the panel will be asked to read and provide their opinion on research-related documents. For example, reviewing and commenting on the lay summary of a research project or a blog post sharing the findings of a research project.

What will members get out of being on the Panel?

Each member of the Panel will:

  • Learn about how data from patient’s electronic health records are used to support the discovery and development of new medicines.
  • Develop understanding of how health research is conducted and by whom.
  • Play an active role in ensuring our research is conducted ethically and for public good.

Panel members will also be compensated for their involvement in line with NIHR guidance. For example, an individual can receive £50 for attending a quarterly meeting and £12.50 for reading and commenting on a research abstract. Panel members can receive compensation as direct payments to their bank account or elect to not receive any compensation if they so wish.

How to apply

If you are interested in committing your time to this great opportunity to support how real world health data is used for innovative medical research, you can apply to join the Arcturis Patient and Public Advisory Panel by completing the online application form . The closing date for the current round of Panel recruitment is Friday 2 August 2024. 

For information about how and why personal data are processed by Arcturis for the purpose of recruiting to and managing the Patient and Public Advisory Panel, please see the Panel-specific privacy notice.